Believe in Yourself.

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Happppppppy Valentines Day to you all! i am having a lovely day so far, and i’m even more excited because today is my half day. I started at 8 this morning, and i’m going home at 2 pm. babe started at 5am this morning, and he finishes at 1pm! The timing just couldn’t be any more PERFECT! and i’m also a little anxious, because dame has something planned which i don’t know what!!!!!! (: so let’s see what’s in store for me!

Light at the end of the tunnel….

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged. So much has happend in the past year that i probably wrote about. Can you say “ROLLER COASTER.” But with everything that has happend, there’s that little bit of hope that i know God is showing us to let us know that everything will be okay. I’m finally settled with my job. i actually like what i’m doing at the moment. Damien is getting closer and closer with this correctional officer position, so just crossing fingers in the meantime. We FINALLY finished paying off dame’s truck!!!!! excited as ever because now we have enough money to put aside for our 2013, end of the year, mainland trip! My brother in law & gf is also expecting! we are gonna be aunty and uncle!!!!!!!! we have also finally moved into our new house! it’s not permanent yet, but for the time being, it’s such a blessing. Did i also mention that tax returns are around the corner??!!!!!????!?!?!?! This year is starting off great! GOD IS GOOD, and he literraly is showing us that everything is going to be alright. I admit, i’ve lost faith at one point. I’ve lost myself. but in me i’ve held onto that little pinch of HOPE that things will get better. and i believe that it will. i might take a while longer, but i can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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I was selected for the position with AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK! i am really so excited to explore this new job of mines. Getting the call today was such a relief. iʻve applied job after job, interview after interview…rejection after rejection!!! Itʻs not in my profession, but when youʻre young you have the right to explore and with my situation right now, i canʻt finish nursing school till i get back on my feet! But i know, in time, God will provide the way for me! iʻm blessed to have all those in my life who supported me all the way! 

definitley explains my situation!!!!!

there is never a day i doubted my relationship. but i’ve doubted myself. how can someone so wonderful, love someone like me? i really feel like god has saved him for me, because NO ONE gave me the opportunity to show how i can love…i look into his eyes, how can anyone love me? how can i be his forever? how can i ever be good enough? how can someone like him ever tells me “i love you.” he’s amazing, the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me…i am blessed.

idk what to say.

this weekend was nice that i could get away from home, but i didnt get to “be away” from everyone. iʻve realized that my instincts, are in fact, accurate. the vibes certain ppl give me, seem actually real..and most if the time, itʻs what they feel about me. i deal with alot of bullshit to be in the relationship i am in. we will always have to accept the people in each otherʻs lives, but for me i havenʻt been able to yet…iʻve accepted that theyʻll be around, but thatʻs about it. i hate two-faced people. who ack nice to me when iʻm around my boyfren, then ack completely different when heʻs not around. i mind my own fuckin business, and iʻm respectful to everyone i meet..even if some ppl
arenʻt that respectful back. i feel out of place sometimes…all i want is for everything to be ok. sigh..